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“By healing, we are referring to the restorative process or act of becoming whole again-whole in thinking, living and being.”
Dr. Marcia J. Watson

Our Services

History Heals Consulting is  devoted to using African American history as a vehicle to aid schools, institutions and businesses in fostering and developing healthy and inclusive environments. Our services range from workshops, webinars, lectures, wellness groups, empowerment speaking and much more.

Community Learning Through Professional Development

History Heals Consulting offers the following services in the form of learning opportunities designed to help build safe inclusive school communities devoid of anti-racist and anti-bias practices. These services also aim to highlight the importance of history, its present-day implications and how it impacts thought patterns, actions, beliefs, emotions and overall wellness. All opportunities can be provided in the form of webinars, workshops, lectures, trainings and other flexible formats to accomplish the following:

Supporting the psychological, social and emotional development of educators and all other professionals
Creating safe spaces for learning, difficult conversations, deep emotions and healing support
Generating more personal awareness of bias through reflection
Building a stronger capacity for empathy and compassion
Provide deeper insight and understanding of the diverse array of African American experiences
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Wellness Groups
For Educators

Healing Spaces For Educators
This group will help participants to better understand mindfulness and its benefits that are supported by research. Participants will learn of tools and therapeutic ways to self soothe, settle their body and better manage stress.

Therapeutic Conversations
This group is about holding safe space within dialogue and strengthening relationships within the community of educators. This space serves as time for participants to share reflections and personal stories in a supporting environment.

Healing Through Book Study
Participants will engage in book study and text reflection to critically examine their approach to education as an educator. This group will reinforce the significance and importance of what it means to be an educator and best practices for navigating educational systems in present-day.

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Sankofa Speaks

Available to provide empowerment speaking by way of keynote addresses, graduation speeches, wedding ceremonies, special events and much more. Get in touch today to learn more!

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History Heals Consulting

Available to work with school based teams, committees and departments to devise an effective school improvement plan in alignment with building a restorative school culture in alignment with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles. Also available to work with museums and public history institutions to provide consulting from a historical perspective on various topics related to the experiences of African Americans.

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Fill out the form on the contact page or use the calendar option to book your next session. We offer 30 minute consultation/development to craft a customized event format to fit your organizations needs. All services are available virtually or in person.

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Marcus Sankofa Nicks is a dedicated teacher and historian. As a guest speaker in my classes, he always held my students' attention.  He loves to share what he knows with others in order to bring about a deeper understanding and appreciation for the past and the journey previous generations have taken. I have had the privilege of working with him for the past few years and know him to be passionate in his mission of being a resource for students and teachers who seek to understand all of the interpretations of the past.
Cynthia A. Platou, NBCT, Social Studies Educator

In my capacity as a senior English teacher I had the pleasure of working with Marcus for several years. Marcus was an incredible resource both in and outside the classroom; a talented speaker and historian, he led and engaged my students during class discussions on the role of race in our society. He also provided invaluable insight and knowledge which helped me to not only develop my lessons, but also guide my personal understandings and provide me with both the education (and support!) I needed to be the best teacher I could be when addressing the incredibly complex, and important, concept of race within the curriculum. Collaboration within education is vital and my work with Marcus was an exemplar of the benefit such partnership can provide.
Jessica Stoltz, 12th Grade English Teacher

Marcus Sankofa Nicks’ contributions to the Wilde Lake High School community are numerous, far-reaching, and transformational. His depth of knowledge around vital and timely topics, including African American Studies, addressing trauma through well-being, restorative justice and DEI, were instrumental to our school's work. He is a skilled facilitator who is equally at home creating learning opportunities with both young people and adults. We are deeply appreciative of his contributions to our community!
Marcy Leonard, Wilde Lake High School Columbia, Maryland, Principal

Marcus “Sankofa” Nicks has been a consultant and collaborator on several initiatives with the Maryland Center for History & Culture. Our institution offers a range of professional development experiences for K12 educators, all of which require an inclusive lens and sensitivity to how “hard history” can impact teachers and students. Mr. Nicks has provided invaluable perspective to these experiences, by presenting relevant research and insight regarding the history of Black education. His passion for, and expertise in promoting culturally responsive education are incredible! Collaborating with Mr. Nicks has expanded my own tool kit as an educator, while also better equipping me to share those skills with fellow MCHC staff and other instructors. It’s been very beneficial to understand the social-emotional aspects of teaching Black history. We don’t always address those pedagogical issues in social studies instruction, but Mr. Nicks’ perspective has shown how all educators must integrate those skills.
David Armenti, Director of Education, Maryland Center For History and Culture

I was honored to welcome Marcus Sankofa Nicks as our guest speaker for “Beyond the Dream: What MLK’s Message Means For America Today.” As the first guest speaker brought to us through our Mosaic Board for 2022, he set a clear and undeniably high bar for any speaker that may follow. He brought Dr. King’s words to life, sharing with us how these spoken words are still influencing organizational strategies and procedures today.
Ashley Gaare, North America at Software One, President

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