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History Heals is devoted to making an impact through learning and history.
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“Black Perspectives should balance narratives of victimhood, oppression, perseverance, agency and resistance.
-Dr. Lagarrett King

Our Mission

History Heals Consulting is a business devoted to using African American history as a vehicle to aid schools, institutions and businesses in fostering healthy and inclusive environments. History Heals promotes self and collective healing power along with unity, group solidarity and human interconnectedness.

Even though the lack of diversity and training has created many challenges in professional settings, History Heals offers learning opportunities, wellness support and valuable resources so clients may be able to operate as high-level professionals. Services range from workshops, webinars, lectures, wellness groups, empowerment speaking and much more.

Our Approach

History Heals Consulting uses an Afrocentric Framework as a theoretical framework to help  guide the values, philosophy and structural foundation of the services provided. Afrocentricity is a mode of thought and behavior in which the centrality of African interests, values and perspectives predominate. In regard to theory, it is placing African people at the center of analysis. "Afrocentricity serves as a lens being opposed to all forms of oppression, racism, classism, homophobia, patriarchy, child abuse, pedophilia and White racial domination." (Asante, 2001) In this sense it is a useful framework for today’s classrooms, professional settings and its diverse learners.

The Afrocentric model serves as a tool indispensable to heal not only Blacks of African American descent, but also for the health and wellness of everyone in society. History Heals is centered on supporting the healing process of its clients.

About Our Founder

Marcus Sankofa Nicks

educator, researcher, and historian

Marcus Sankofa Nicks is an educator, researcher and historian of African American History and Culture.  He regularly facilitates conversations surrounding the African American historical experience, the topic of race and its present-day implications. He has served in the Howard County Public School System of Maryland for over 12 years supporting countless students and staff members of all nationalities, backgrounds and experiences. During his tenure in the public school system, he has primarily focused his efforts on supporting Black/African American students through a culturally relevant trauma-informed approach. Since then, he has established History Heals Consulting L.L.C, a business devoted to using African American history as a vehicle to aid schools, museums, and institutions in fostering healthy and inclusive environments.

The Man Behind The Business

Marcus Sankofa Nicks holds a Master of Arts degree in African American Studies from Morgan State University and his research primarily focuses on the history of African Americans in the United States. A significant aspect of his research is the historic plight of African Americans in the field of education throughout Maryland and Howard County.

Some of his most recent work has included training K-12 Public School educators throughout the state of Maryland and nationwide in collaboration with The Reginald F. Lewis Museum, the largest African American museum in Maryland.

He has provided a virtual web series numerous times on various African American history related themes in collaboration with the Howard County Public Library System. He has also served as a guest on the Spotify podcasts, Leading Equity along with others entitled, “Teacher Talk Community”, “History Matters” and the “School House Podcast”. He  currently serves as consultant for the Maryland Center For History and Culture of Baltimore, Maryland and is the curator for the Howard County Center of African American Culture located in Columbia, Maryland.

Since his former days of devoting much of his time being a student athlete playing the game of basketball, his mission has become empowering, educating, and inspiring others through the lens of African American History and Culture. Marcus is a proud husband, father and son who is passionate about his role in uplifting his community and humanity.

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